Hijab Pins, Abaya Shampoo, Abaya Wipes, Swaroski Stones

Hijab Burkha Boutique sells additional accessories to our Burkha Clothing Collections. We have many accessories to blend with Abayas. Some of our main accessories are Hijab Pins of various kind, Abaya Wipes of premium quality, Abaya Shampoo to retain the originality of the abayas. We use Swarovski, Emerald and Zirconium stones for the abaya based on customer’s requirements.

Niqab, Prayer Clothes, Hijab Caps & Gloves

Some of our other accessories are Prayer Cloth, usually need a special outfit for prayers. Hijab Caps help to change the look of your shawls, hijabs etc, It's also helpful under slippery hijab or shawls, available in different colors. Niqab is a veil which covers the face. Arm Covers to cover the hands up to the elbow. Hand gloves comes in Black and grey color to suit any colors.